Main specs of the Dirty Donkey

Carburetor: Uma 28 mm flat slide
Tank: Custom SMC, Honda Camino, cut and shut, flipped 180 etc… to much to mention.
Side covers: Custom SMC in fiberglass.
Frame: Custom SMC, modified by Jaap Volkers
Rear suspension: Racing boy
Controls: Vintage Tommaselli, levers and throttle
Engine: YX 140cc SOHC (stock), approx. 15 bhp on the rear wheel.




Front suspension: 680 mm RSU YX forks
Headlight: Rinder, modified (dented to fit between the forks as tight as possible)
Headlight stay: Stainless, Just van der Loos
Taillight: Beta
Rear forks: Custom SMC
Exhaust: Stainless custom SMC , Shipping tools
Handlebar: Aluminium custom SMC, gift (no origin known)


Gear shift lever: Stainless custom SMC, Shipping tools
Brake lever: Stainless custom SMC, Shipping tools
Rims: 1.60 front and 1.85 rear
Tires: Mitas, front and rear 3.00-17
Switches: Custom SMC
Indicators: Fiat
Seat base: Custom SMC
Seat upholstery: My own 89 year old grand mother

Specs from the Salt Shaker

Engine: YX 150cc SOHC Manual 4 speed
Head: OO racing
Bore & Stroke: 56mm X 60mm
Max power: 22 BHP
Max torque: 13 Nm
Rear suspension: Racing boy


Carburettor: Mikuni Round slight 26mm
Uma racing flat slight 28mm
Exhaust: Shipping Tools/SMC
Frame: Custom SMC
Fuel cap: Acqua di Parma
Front suspension: Stock SMC 


Headlight: Puch, custom SMC fitting
Taillight: Beta, custom SMC fitting
Seat: SMC
Rims: 17 inch spoked steel, front 1.60 &  rear 1.85 SMC
Tires. Dunlop TT901 front 80/90-17 & rear 90/80-17
Rear sets: Racing boy/SMC
Dry weight: 64 kg