Super Motor Company products breathe the look and feel of yesteryear. But Super is most definitely modern. Our products are made of modern materials and constructed for daily usage. We’ve kept the looks but improved on the quality.

Super Motor Company offers 3 different models. A fully automatic 4 stroke 50cc moped that comes in 2 guises: The Super 25 (no helmet required with a top speed 25 km/h) & The Super 50 (with helmet law and a top speed 45 km/h) The motorcycle version, Super 120, comes as a semi automatic 4 speed with an engine capacity of 120cc (light motorcycle with a top speed of 95 KM/H). They all come with 17 inch aluminium rims and use only 1 liter of fuel averaging 70 kilometers! Of course this depends on your riding style.


 Super Motor Company was founded early 2009 by two petrol veined cousins. 

Both had love affairs in the past with classic motorcycles and subsequently fast motorcyles. But also lots of near death experiences racing or crashing them. After growing up a little the conclusion was simple: “Been there and done that”. Inherently they were looking for a different kind of transport. Less costly (if you crash it), fast enough, stylish, not likely to break down, easy and cheap to maintain and one they could sell to like minded enthusiasts.


We will keep you updated about all developments regarding new parts, new bikes, specials, prototypes and miscellaneous stuff we like to share with you. Enjoy!


Keep up your appearance. Check out our aftermarket products that will most definitely look good on your Super. In the near future you can order these products simply in our webshop. For now just place your order by sending us an email.

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